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November 16, 2016

It’s Starting to Feel Real

Class and timeless style painted with bold, commanding colors. The inaugural Atlanta United kit is one that every fan will want to get their hands on. The red and black colorway yells Atlanta sports, while the touch of gold gives it the elegant touch that you’d expect from a top-tier club. The stripes, or pillars, stay true to the significance of the symbols in our crest. The kit is truly representative of our city and the event showed the commitment that the organization has to the fans and vice-versa.

A giant crest was projected on the side of the building and the SKYVIEW Atlanta ferris wheel lit up with the crest and colors as well. The entire event was a party for the thousands of founding members that packed the venue. As I walked in I received a beverage ticket, music was playing and the hall was decked out in ATL United. Terminus Legion was present drums and all making it a real stadium environment. I was already anxious for the beginning of the season but everything about Tuesday night got me to “I CAN’T WAIT” status. There’s nothing like being a few feet away from Tata and the boys with thousands of fans yelling at the top of their lungs to give you the pre-match jitters.

The event was as A-T-L as it gets as well. From Mayor Kasim Reed, to Carlos Bocanegra, Tito Villalba, Chris McCan, Andrew Carleton, Darren Eales, and Uncle Arthur himself plus DJ Mami Chula bringing the “95.5 The Beat” nostalgia. As we waited in line to be a part of the first owners of the inaugural jersey my friends and I could not stop talking about how amazing that first match is going to be.

Now Tata and the United front office will begin to build a squad that matches the quality of the fan base. Look for signings to headline the club’s news between now and January and for the two remaining designated players to make a splash in all of Major League Soccer.


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